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Support Services

Human Resources and Benefit Departments are continuously being expected to take on more responsibilities, with more efficiency.  In many cases, payroll, human resources, accounting and employee benefit responsibilities are being taken on by fewer individuals, sometimes only one. 

We understand the challenges and have developed the processes and exceptional staff to support our clients employee benefit administrative demands.  From enrollment processing and follow up, to bill audit support and claims intervention, our staff is uniquely positioned to assist. 

The benefit administration web site we provide, at no charge, to our clients is one example of a valuable tool that has proven extremely effective for companies trying to streamline and simplify the benefit administration process.

Offering a variety of benefit plan options with different employee costs requires planned benefit coordination and effective employee communication and education.  As benefit programs become increasingly complicated, so does the administration and/or management required to deliver them to employees.  We provide support services ranging from the development and delivery of benefit communication material to assisting with all aspects of the enrollment process, including employee education.  

At BMS, our support services include, but are not limited to:

  • Custom Benefit Administrative Web site
  • Web-based Communication, Enrollment, and Eligibility Tracking
  • Customized Enrollment Materials
  • New Hire Orientations
  • Claims Assistance
  • Enrollment Application Processing
  • Payroll Deduction, Calculation, and Reporting
  • Bill Audit and Reconciliation Support
  • Staff Training
  • Employee Education
  • Open Enrollment Presentations
  • Plan Document Management

We understand that not all companies require the use of all our services, so scalability is important.  We support our clients through change, and can modify support services as needed.  

BMS Supports Clients through Change

Many companies have found that it is more cost-effective to outsource components of the benefits administration rather than to maintain a specialized support staff.  We can provide these support services on a partial, full-time, or periodic basis.  Companies that experience sudden growth may utilize these services for a period of time until they can hire their own in-house benefits staff.   We will assist in the development of the company-based administrative systems; provide staff training as well as backup support in the event of a staff absence.

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